It’s more than just a concept. Now it’s a place. SkySong has created an environment where companies have the resources at hand to think outside the box and identify new products and markets. These organizations bene t from the presence of ASU and its base of expertise, knowledge and workers, creating a remarkable synergy of ideas and capabilities.


SkySong is a powerful, 21st century business location linking technology innovation and entrepreneurship, allowing total connectivity to suppliers, employees, customers and operations around the world. It is a home for activities and organizations that co-mingle and stimulate new forms of commerce, research, technology, digital art, education and economic development.

ASU Connection

The relationship with Arizona State University cannot be overstated. It provides a distinctive and distinguishing advantage to SkySong tenants. The presence of ASU SkySong provides a resource for companies looking to partner with one of America’s largest and most research-focused universities to better innovate and to identify a highly prepared student and graduate workforce.


SkySong is located just minutes away from downtown Scottsdale and its world-renowned shopping, entertainment, restaurants and nightlife. SkySong is also only two miles away from the main campus of ASU, and near the 202 and 101 Freeways, making it convenient to reach any other part of the Valley quickly. Sky Harbor International Airport, the 5th busiest airport in the nation, is just minutes away.