ASU at SkySong

ASU SkySong - and the SkySong project as a whole - came from the vision of ASU's president, Dr. Michael M. Crow. His commitment to "The New American University" included a focus on innovation, research and a partnership with the private sector to create opportunities for economic development.

Companies locating at SkySong enjoy a special relationship with ASU, the country's largest university with over 73,000 students. ASU SkySong occupies 80,000 square feet of space related to entrepreneurship, education, technology and innovation. This space will be expanded and enhanced as ASU SkySong moves into SkySong 3 upon its completion.

The Fulton Schools of Engineering, the College of Technology and Innovation and the W.P. Carey School of Business offer programs ranging from computer science, computer systems engineering, software development and management information systems.
With a combined enrollment of thousands of students, these programs provide SkySong's tenants with extensive opportunities to recruit the best talent in the Valley, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, ASU offers professional degree and executive education programs for current employees to continue developing their skills. ASU is committed to its corporate partnerships and values its collaboration with private and public institutions.

SkySong provides ASU with facilities for educational training and instructions in a wide range of topics. And, ASU provides SkySong tenants with direct access to relevant research and educational opportunities. Through ASU's on-site offices, tenant companies have a one-stop point of contact for facilitated access to the student and graduate workforce, introductions to researchers, faculty and programs, which address specific company interests.

About ASU SkySong

As the cornerstone of SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, ASU SkySong develops global partnerships with an entrepreneurial approach that combines research, technology and business development.

ASU SkySong is an innovation center designed to help companies grow by providing business services and programs offered or facilitated by Arizona State University. These services include access to new technologies, capital networks and a skilled workforce. ASU SkySong also includes the co-location of several ASU units engaged in corporate engagement, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary research.
ASU SkySong supports entrepreneurial ventures and established businesses through a variety of unique ASU services. These services focus on business and organizational development, product and service innovation, and technology transfer to accelerate corporate interests while driving beneficial social change.

By leveraging services and programs facilitated by the University, industry partners can access and commercialize new technologies while growing their capital networks. ASU SkySong partnerships result in stronger, more profitable companies equipped with the necessary tools to contribute to innovation and the global community.


  • CORPORATE ENGAGEMENT  Whether you want to grow your business, build your workforce, collaborate on research or find faculty experts, ASU can help. Learn more.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  ASU SkySong works with the economic development community throughout Arizona, partnering with local and statewide organizations to build the state’s economy. In addition, ASU pursues economic development through its own initiatives, drawing on the diversity of its knowledge base and its ability to convene partners at the local, state, national and international levels. Learn more.
  • RECRUITMENT  With nearly 74,000 students in more than 650 degree programs as well as nearly 357,000 alumni around the world, ASU has the talent needed to build tomorrow’s workforce. Whether you’re a small business looking for a student intern or a global corporation filling hundreds of positions, ASU Career Services can help connect you with students and alumni who meet your needs. Learn more.
  • RESEARCH  ASU seeks research partnerships with businesses of all sizes, from local startups to global corporations. The university’s world-class faculty and research institutes are dedicated to conducting use-inspired research that has an impact in the real world. Learn more.

Additional ASU Entities

Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) - AzTE works with university inventors and industry to transform scientific progress into products and services. AzTE transfers technologies invented at ASU to the private sector by mining university research, prosecuting patents, negotiating licenses, and marketing inventions.

ASU Online - ASU Online and Extended Campus offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs delivered globally online and at off-campus locations throughout Arizona through convenient, flexible formats.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) - The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) is ASU’s platform to help faculty, students and companies linked with ASU accelerate their ventures and commercialize their technologies. The Group offers a variety of services to clients including individual assistance, training, events and community collaboration opportunities.

Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative (CASI) - CASI seeks to revolutionize academic research through the convergence of science, engineering, social sciences and computing. The immediate goals of CASI are to increase research competitiveness in three emerging fields of science: synthetic biology; sensor technologies; and health care informatics.
Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative - Edson provides funding, office space and training for teams of ASU students to explore their innovative ideas for business products and services in partnership with faculty, researchers and successful entrepreneurs from both the academic and private sectors. The program helps students succeed in any enterprise, large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, domestic or global.

Innovation Advancement Program (IAP) - IAP is a credit-carrying course open to graduate and honors undergraduate students in business, engineering, the sciences and law. Student teams assist in the commercialization and monetization of new technologies developed at ASU.

Technology Based Learning and Research (TBLR) - TBLR focuses on research and large-scale delivery of educational materials as well as technology training and integration using computers and other information and communication technologies.

Case Studies

  • EyePower Games ASU SkySong helped connect Singapore-based EyePower Games with several Valley school districts, increasing EyePower’s local market share. Its programs have been implemented in both afterschool and classroom based programs and as an exchange program with a Singaporean school. With its U.S. operations based at SkySong, EyePower has also received extensive mentoring and business development assistance from ASU SkySong. The company recently won two prestigious awards for its NewsMaker and Moo-O products, which provide fun and educational platforms for students to learn storytelling and presentation skills.

  • Emerge.MD Emerge.MD is a catalyst for creating change within healthcare through information, coordination, and interaction throughout the cycle of care. Through a variety of telehealth solutions, Emerge.MD brings together physicians and specialists to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. “We chose SkySong because we are experiencing rapid growth, and needed a cost effective way to manage that growth. We also utilize a lot of ASU interns, and have a growing relationship with different areas of the college, both as a customer and a strategic partner” said Eric V. Trappen, Emerge.MD’s CEO.

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  • Channel Intelligence Channel Intelligence came to Scottsdale via an acquisition of Vcommerce, which increased CI’s ability to service the ecommerce needs of retailers, manufacturers, and publishers. Now in its third year at SkySong, Channel Intelligence is rapidly growing its western regional office which has expanded to more than 30 people, with further growth expected in 2012 and beyond.

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  • Alaris Alaris is a joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Arizona State University that is utilizing Rolls-Royce’s innovative SignHear technology in the childcare, healthcare insurance, and retail banking markets. SignHear Dynamic Signature Verification by Alaris, is a biometric technology that verifies identity by analyzing the unique sound patterns created by an individual’s written signature. These sounds are captured and analyzed by a patented algorithm that generates an acoustic signature template unique to each user.

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  • WebFilings WebFilings is quickly building a broad and integrated relationship with ASU, through engagement with computing, accounting and engineering programs on the University’s Tempe and Polytechnic campuses. WebFilings is expanding aggressively in Arizona, and ASU is poised to support that growth by providing opportunities for WebFilings to recruit talented students and graduates. This developing relationship will be supported by a comprehensive roadmap of opportunities underpinned by its relationship with ASU SkySong.

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