About ASU SkySong

As the cornerstone of SkySong, The ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, ASU SkySong develops global partnerships with an entrepreneurial approach that combines research, technology and business development.

ASU SkySong is an innovation center designed to help companies grow by providing business services and programs offered or facilitated by Arizona State University. These services include access to new technologies, capital networks and a skilled workforce. ASU SkySong also includes the co-location of several ASU units engaged in corporate engagement, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and interdisciplinary research.

ASU SkySong supports entrepreneurial ventures and established businesses through a variety of unique ASU services. These services focus on business and organizational development, product and service innovation, and technology transfer to accelerate corporate interests while driving bene cial social change.

By leveraging services and programs facilitated by the University, industry partners can access and commercialize new technologies while growing their capital networks. ASU SkySong partnerships result in stronger, more pro table companies equipped with the necessary tools to contribute to innovation and the global community.

For information on ASU Entrepreneurship + Innovation program offerings, please visit entrepreneurship.asu.edu.