SkySong 3

Building Overview: SkySong 3 is a 145,000 square foot Class A of ce building. SkySong 3 is LEED Certi ed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Located adjacent to the iconic SkySong shade structure, SkySong 3 is the home of several innovative and entrepreneurial companies, as well as the ASU Synergy Conference Center and the SkySong Bicycle Center.

Technology: With an exceptional electrical service and ber-optic system, SkySong is home to a Network Operations Center (NOC) for Century Link, enabling super-fast broadband connections to the Century Link national voice and data networks. Individual users can obtain dedicated ber optic connections at connection speeds of 100 MBPS, and the local network is capable of providing voice, data, and video with Century Link’s PRISM TV. The system has connectivity to several of data centers in Phoenix as well as Century Link’s national ber optic backbone.