SkySong Emerges as Conference Destination for Scottsdale

Hosts More Than 4,500 Meetings and 63,000 Visitors Annually

There are many reasons people flock to SkySong in southern Scottsdale – and one of the biggest reasons is its growing reputation as a meeting destination.

SkySong now hosts more than 4,500 events each year in its 14,000 square feet of conference spaces, bringing more than 63,000 people into the project and the Scottsdale community. With 16 different meeting venues to choose from, it offers a unique hub found nowhere else in Greater Phoenix. And this doesn’t even include the outdoor offerings at the 38- acre campus.

And with the opening of the new Element Hotel at SkySong, the draw of SkySong as a meeting, conference and event location is growing even stronger – providing yet another reason for business travelers to go to Scottsdale and cementing the city’s reputation as a hub for commerce and tourism.

“We have always considered SkySong a gathering place for innovation, and that includes it becoming a central point for collaboration,” said Sharon Harper, President & CEO of Plaza Companies, the master developer of the project. “These types of meetings and conferences help make SkySong even more dynamic and impactful over time.”

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